European knowledge portal on fisheries, aquacultureand professions associated with these activities.

CEUPAMA is the first European knowledge portal on fisheries and aquaculture, fishing resources, biodiversity, and marine ecosystems, as well as the professions associated with these activities. The partners taking part in this project aim to promote the development of a network of research, key outputs, and national and European expertise in these areas, across different disciplines. Of particular interest are partner structures at the Campus de la Mer (Nausicaá Centre National de la Mer, Ifremer, ANSES, member universities, and the Aquimer Competitiveness Cluster). Other partners include the “  des Estuaires Picards et de la Mer d’Opale”, the Nouvelles Vagues platform, Municipal Archives of Boulogne-sur-Mer, Maréis Museum of Fishery in Etaples-sur-Mer, the marine vocational college in Boulogne-sur-Mer/Le Portel, and the Regional committee of marine fisheries and marine aquaculture.

The CEUPAMA knowledge portal is changing in order to provide access to documentation resources, basic and advanced training applied to marine sciences, a commented directory, and content on the history of fishery professions.