Marine and Coastal Research Côte d’Opale: from ecosystems to resources, uses and quality of sea products (CPER 2015–2020)

The MARCO project is a good example of an initiative that brought different laboratories together around scientific questions and collaborative tools. It was supported by the Campus de la Mer research federation through targeted actions. The project was managed independently by its two co-leads (François Schmitt, CNRS LOG and Anne Brisabois, LSA ANSES) and a managing engineer (Pauline Quiertant).

The aim of the MARCO project was to implement an original and innovative approach to the study of marine ecosystems, its resources and the quality of sea products within the framework of regional collaboration integrating environmental impacts.

It brought together 90 researchers and 8 units involved in the Campus de la Mer research federation: LOG, IFREMER LERBL, IFREMER LCSM, IFREMER LRHBL, LISIC, TVES, ANSES LSA-PPA and BioEcoAgro.

The MARCO project covered 6 main topics:

   1- Observation and evaluation of the marine environment

   2- Structure, functioning and dynamics of ecosystems

   3- Productivity and sustainability of fishery and aquaculture resources

   4- Quality and safety of sea resources

   5- Vulnerability and uses of marine and coastal socio-ecological systems

   6- Marine and coastal engineering

Find out more: MARCO (French only)