The Executive Board of the research federation is made up of the members of the Management Team and the Co-leaders of the scientific research areas.

1. Management team

Director: Sébastien Lefebvre

Deputy Director: Catherine Roche

Deputy Director: Thierry Grard

Professor in Marine Ecology at the University of Lille

Mixed Research Unit

 8187 LOG

Professor in Urban Planning and Land Use at the Université du Littoral Côte d’Opal

Research Unit 4477 TVES

Professor in Biochemistry at the Université du Littoral Côte d’Opal

Cross-border Research Unit 1158 BioEcoAgro – EA BPA

2. Co-leaders of research focus areas

Focus Area 1: Interactions, Resources and Impacted Environments

Focus Area 2: Marine Resources – Uses, Exploitation, Valorisation and Risks

Focus Area 3: Common Methodology

Mélanie Gay

Researcher – Team Leader Parasitology at the Laboratory for Food Safety


Paul Marchal

Researcher in Fisheries Science


Frida Lasram

Associate Professor in Marine Ecology (ULCO) UMR 8187 LOG – MREN


Éric Masson

Associate Professor in Geography (Université de Lille) Research Unit 4477 TVES

Cédric Jamet

Associate Professor in Physical Oceanography (ULCO) UMR 8187 LOG – MREN


Serge Reboul

Professor in Signal and Image Processing (ULCO) EA 4491 LISIC

The Full Board includes the heads of research laboratories :

3. Heads of research laboratories

TVESPhilippe DeboudtFlorian Lebreton
BioEcoAgroJean-Louis HilbertPhilippe Lencel
HLLIJean-Louis PodvinFrançois David
LARJSophie MoreilFrédéric Davansant
LOGHubert LoiselNicolas Spilmont
ANSES LSALaurent LalouxGuillaume Duflos
LMPACarole RosierDominique Schneider
LISICSébastien VérelGilles Roussel
LRHBLChristophe LootsKélig Mahe
LCSMDaniel PriourGrégory Germain
LERBLAlain Lefebvre
LPCAGaël Mouret

4. Scientific Advisory Board :

Set up at the initiative of the Management Team and validated by the members of the Executive Board, the Scientific Advisory Board is made up of 9 members in charge of evaluating the scientific policy of the research federation: Émilie Poisson Caillaut (LISIC), Vincent Herbert (TVES), Mariantonia Lo Prete (TVES), Périne Doyen (BioEcoAgro), Sébastien Monchy (LOG), Viviane Bout (LOG), Thomas Brauge (LSA), Carolina Giraldo (LRHBL), and Pierre Cresson (LRHBL).

5. The Campus de la Mer research federation also has a Trusteeship Council of the four institutions and a General Assembly.