Research topics 2020/2024

Topic 1 - Interactions, Resources and Impacted Environments

The objective of this topic is to understand the structure and dynamics of marine ecosystems through biodiversity functioning  under the constraints of exploitation or pollution.

Leaders of topic 1 : Mélanie Gay (LSA, ANSES), Paul Marchal (LRHBL, Ifremer)

Topic 2 - Marine Resources: Uses, Exploitation, Valorisation and Risks

This topic covers the study of ecosystem services produced in coastal and marine environments, including biomass, energy, cultural and heritage value

Leaders of topic 2: Frida Lasram (LOG, ULCO), Éric Masson (TVES, U Lille)


Topic 3 - Common Methodology

The aim of this topic is to promote the development of joint methods and tools in support of the first two topics. These aspects are more particularly related to describing the spatial and temporal dynamics of marine socio-ecological systems.

Leaders of topic 3: Cédric Jamet (LOG, ULCO), Serge Reboul (LISIC, ULCO)